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When searching for a VPN, it’s crucial to get as much information as possible. Aside from reading (independent) reviews, you also need to check what other VPN users think about their picks. One such source of highly helpful information is Reddit.

These Reasons Make Some Countries Block Reddit

Reddit is the biggest online forum on the internet. We can get a lot of information there. We can learn, discuss things, and even find people who can build relationships or businesses with us there. To put it simply, reddit is almost like the internet within the internet itself.

However, despite the fact that it is very USEFUL, some governments of various countries decide to block the access of their citizens to that website. This makes them have to use The best vpn reddit to access that forum from their countries.

However, if you are curious about some possible reasons why some countries block this forum, here are some of the possible reasons for reddit blockade that you must know:

The issue of pornography

Pornography has become one of the biggest problems since the dawn of the internet. Although it’s mainly a religious issue for countries with religious citizens, even secular countries have viewed this one particular problem as a disease in their cyber society. It’s because the divorce and sexual abuse rate in countries that allow porn to be accessed by their citizens are higher than those that don’t. That’s why if you want to access reddit from certain countries, especially from Muslim-dominated countries, you can expect that the forum cannot be accessed from such countries, unless if you use a VPN service.

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The safety of citizens

There are rumors that criminals also take advantage of reddit. Despite the fact of how massive it is, criminals can blend in with normal, sane users on reddit. As an example, a few years ago there is a rumor that a psychopath spreads info on reddit about making beautiful chemical balls for decorations or something like that. Unfortunately, those balls turn out to be poisonous, and there are rumors that those poison balls have claimed the lives of some reddit users that have tried to make those balls. Aside from this rumor, there are also some other types of crimes that the government doesn’t want their city to suffer because of reddit.

The political and cultural reason

Some countries can be more strict than most. As an example, you can freely criticize the government in China. Therefore, if such a country decides to block reddit, then it’s normal. On the other hand, in a country in South-East Asia called Indonesia, where Bali is located, the political regime there becomes quite strict these days. Therefore, the government doesn’t want its citizens to talk about their affairs on a forum as huge as reddit, especially because of that forum is outside the reach of their authority.

On the other hand, some cultures are also strict, and the diversity of reddit can hurt their cultures. Therefore, some governments that view some threads and topics on reddit as inappropriate, they decide to block access to that forum. This way, the next generation of their citizens might won’t even know that a forum as big as reddit even exists on the internet. This way, they can keep their culture and control over their citizen better compared to if they allow their citizens to discuss various things on reddit with people from various countries.

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VPNs are a great way to keep your data private and secure, but they can also be a bit of a hassle to turn off. Here’s how to do it on an iPhone:

1. Open the Settings app and tap ” VPN .”

2. Tap the ” VPN ” switch to turn it off.

3. Tap ” Delete VPN Configuration ” and confirm deletion.

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