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You Must Know How VPN Actually Works

It’s just like a firewall that protects your information, a VPN protects your data online. Although VPN is technically a Wide Area Network (WAN), the front end offers the same security, appearance, and functionality as a private network. VPNs can be remote access (connecting computers with networks) or site-to-site (connecting two networks to each other). However, despite its convenience, you must know what is the best vpn service that suits your needs, or the needs of your company.

When browsing without VPN, you actually connect to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) server, which in turn connects you to the website of your choice. This means that all of your internet data traffic activities are passed through their servers and can be monitored by them.

However, when you are surfing through a VPN, your data traffic is passed through the VPN server using an encrypted “channel”. This means the data cannot be accessed by anyone, apart from you and the VPN server. However, there is also a difference between privacy and anonymity. Using a VPN doesn’t make you anonymous, because your VPN provider knows who you are and can see your online activities. However, VPNs give you privacy from your ISP, your school or workplace, and even from your government. To ensure your privacy is protected by your VPN service provider, it is very important to choose a VPN provider that “does not take notes”. If the VPN service provider keeps a record of user activity, the authorities can always request to receive or view it, which means your information is no longer private.

It should be noted that even though your VPN provider intends not to keep records, it can still monitor your online activities in real-time when needed, for example for technical reasons such as solving problems. Although most “not taking notes” VPN service providers also won’t monitor your real-time activities, most countries are legally permitted to force all VPN providers to start keeping records of all individual users, without warning those users. However, if you are not running away from the authorities for illegal online activities, there may be no reason for you to worry.

This Is The VPN Relationship With Mobile Network And Laws

Although VPN is fully supported by either iOS or Android and it will protect you fully when accessing websites to download P2P, the mobile/cellular application that you install on your cell phone has access to other data besides your IP address, through which the application can get access to your online activities. This includes your GPS location, contact list, application store ID, etc. The collected data is then directly sent by this application to their parent company, effectively breaking through your VPN. Therefore, in order to enjoy the full benefits of your VPN using a mobile device, it is necessary to access websites only through web pages or their interface using a user-friendly, open-source browser and never through their specific application. Additionally, you also need to know what is the best vpn app so you can use a VPN that is truly safe for you.

Although website censorship is disliked (and tried to be stopped) by people who use VPNs to access it, citizens in most countries have legal rights to privacy, and therefore the use of VPN is rarely considered illegal (even if the content you access when using VPN is possibly illegal), even in countries that block VPNs such as in China, Iran or Syria.

However, since July 2016, using VPN services while in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is illegal and can be subject to imprisonment and fines between 500,000 to 2,000,000 UAE dirhams (136,130 – 544,521 USD). So, if you plan to travel to the UAE in the near future, we strongly advise you to exercise caution and only enter non-prohibited websites.

As for the censorship imposed by the school or workplace, you should consider it too. If you are caught breaking through the VPN on WiFi or private LAN (no matter how small the possibility), you may face suspension, dismissal or other disciplinary steps, depending on policies that apply to such acts. This should be well considered when deciding whether using a VPN is really worth it.